Ben (7) likes sitting together with his friends (Foto: Isack Asfao)

Mwanza, June 10th 2016 :

Interview with Ben, 7 years old, in the presence of his guardians, uncle and aunt.

Interviewed by Isaya Ngwijo and Isack Asfao for our joint venture, e.g. an article about albinism in Mwanza, Tanzania which was published in the German newspaper Main-Post.

The interview was so much fun for all involved. We appreciate and send our thanks to the guardians for having given permission to publish both text and photos. 

erschienen in Main-Post am 13. Juni 2016

English translation in the making, will soon be added here. 

The article about Albinism in Mwanza by Isaya Ngwijo, Isack Asfao and me has been published today in the printed edition of the German newspaper Main-Post which is the leading newspaper in Würzburg, Mwanza's sister city in Germany (Photo: Sarah Knauth).

We hope that the article will help in giving information about and raising awareness of the issues people with albinism are facing concerning their health (skin, eyes), discrimination and violence due to wrong believes.

The good news is: The situation has become better in Mwanza. This proves: Awareness campaigns can make a change.

Thus there is hope that in some years Ben, the 7-year-old boy with Albinism who we portray, can live an (almost) normal life. That's what we wish for his future.

Martin Naujocks, Sarah Knauth and me first met Ben when they were filming at his school, Viktoria Schools, for their documentary about Mwanza. Issue Ngwijo and Isack Asfao visited Viktoria School and the boy's family just this week.


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